Tasty Tuesday (A Marginal Food Post at Best)

Heidi-Ho makes homemade pizza all the time. Sometimes she makes the dough from scratch.

I make homemade pizza once every three or four months. I never make the dough from scratch.

I buy it at Publix whenever it’s on BOGO.

All of that is to say that while Heidi is a more experienced homemade pizza maker, I am not without some skill, even though I don’t make the dough from scratch.

We made homemade pizza for the Annual Scavenger Hunt last week — three homemade pizzas, in fact — cheese, pepperoni, and taco.

As we were making the pizzas this year, Heidi-Ho and I worked side-by-side rolling out the dough, trying to make it stretch all the way out to the edges of the pan, and generally beating it to death. We were using Publix pizza dough. After we finally managed to get the dough more or less where we wanted it, Heidi-Ho started pricking the dough with a fork.

Me: “What are you doing?”

HH: “Pricking the dough so it doesn’t bubble up.” (Have I mentioned before that Heidi-Ho’s actual nickname is Eeyore?)

Me: “Publix dough doesn’t bubble up. I never prick the dough. I just throw the stuff on top and put it in the oven.”

HH: “You don’t cook it a little first before putting the toppings on?”

Me: “No.”

I agreed to pre-cook the pizza dough but I didn’t prick the dough. As I said, I never prick the dough. I’m already doing all the work Papa John’s is supposed to do, why would I do extra?

I’ll admit I have trouble taking advice graciously but at least this time I didn’t use the phrase “that’s stupid” when Heidi told me I should prick the dough — not out loud anyway.

After the pre-cooked pizzas were out of the oven, we put the toppings on them and put them in two separate ovens. I was doing something else when the buzzer rang for the taco pizza, which was in Grandma Elsie’s oven down the hall, so Heidi went to check it.

She came back laughing.

Me: “What?”

HH: “Go look at your pizza.”

Me: “Why?”

HH: “Just go look.”


Seriously. In all of the times I’ve ever made pizza, I have NEVER had a pizza tumor.

I blame Eeyore.


So, this blog has been nominated for a Homeschool Blog Award in the Funniest Homeschool Blog Category.  If the blog wins, our homeschool will receive magnificent curriculum-related prizes and homeschooling doo-dads.  My kids love doo-dads, even if said doo-dads help them learn their math facts.  And you read this blog, so you know we need all the help we can get.  

But the real reason you should vote for us is because if we win in this category this year, we cannot be nominated again.  Therefore, if we win, I won’t be pestering you about voting ever again!  That’s what you call a “win-win” people.

You can vote once a day from every computer and cell phone in your house.  You don’t have to register, give anyone an email address or sign the homeschooling pledge of allegiance.  All you have to do is CLICK HERE.


  1. Not only am I voting for you, I will also be attempting to bottle your blog and market it as a cure for bad moods. Thanks for always giving me a good laugh.

  2. For the record, I was being quite positive that night and not Eeyore like. I was POSITIVE you were going to get a pizza tumor if you did not poke holes in it. It just turned out much better than I thought it would. LOL

  3. I just want to back you up. We cook publix dough. We NEVER pre cook it. I think that is what caused the bubble. We don’t ever have bubble issues either. Stick to your way of doing things! (Love you Heidi!)

  4. Hey! What have you been up to? I miss your posts :(

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