Appropriately-Sized Water Things


Now that it's October here in Florida, instead of watching the leaves change and feeling a nip in the air, we're yippy skippy when we get a little cold front that drops temperatures into the mid-80s.  All this week we've had coolish mornings and sweaty afternoons -- which is oh so much better than … [Continue reading]

Monday Morning Meditation: Blessed was Hagar, Who Believed

Basing her day-long teaching at a recent simulcast on Luke 1:45, "Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished," Beth Moore made the point that Jesus changes the story of every woman He meets. By way of proof, she then cited a long list of women who … [Continue reading]

Our First Apartment: The Story Behind the Haiku

First Apt in San Diego with Haiku

This is the third Haiku in the Eighteen Haikus for Eighteen Years series, wherein you are learning so much more than you really need to know about the … [Continue reading]

Mace’s Favorite Field Trip Ever


This is our Sabbath Year -- which is my hyper-spiritual way of saying, "no" to almost everything we've been asked to do this year.  We've said "no" to … [Continue reading]

Honeymoon: The Story Behind the Haiku

Jen and Grits on boat

In the Eighteen Haikus for Eighteen Years series, I posted the Honeymoon haiku third on Facebook when it really should have come second.  So I will … [Continue reading]

Eighteen Haikus for Eighteen Years

J and J in car with text

Flamingo Joe and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary on Friday last week.  My sweet husband put a loving tribute to me on Facebook pretty early … [Continue reading]