Eighteen Haikus for Eighteen Years

J and J in car with text

Flamingo Joe and I celebrated our 18th wedding anniversary on Friday last week.  My sweet husband put a loving tribute to me on Facebook pretty early on Friday morning --  8:20 a.m.  I've barely drunk half a cup of coffee by 8:20, so I think I may have noticed around 10:30 that my Facebook feed was … [Continue reading]

Why No One is Going to Let Me Unschool


Usually by this time in August, we've been schooling for at least a month.  We've tried several types of homeschool schedules -- year-round; six weeks on then one week off (a/k/a the Sabbath week schedule); and tracking the public school schedules.  So basically, for each year we've homeschooled, … [Continue reading]

The VBS Post


Last week, I served as a classroom teacher with our church's VBS. Here are some things I learned: 1.  A VBS classroom with 11 boys and 3 girls … [Continue reading]

Safety First, Second and Third

IMG_0565 corrected

While in South Carolina with Durema's family, we visited a local river where the kids could float down in life jackets.  I was reminded that while … [Continue reading]

Meet Durema and Her Family’s New Farm

D and J Grads

When we left Black Mountain a couple of weeks ago, we drove down to Clemson, South Carolina to visit a camp/college friend of mine.  Durema and I were … [Continue reading]

Part 2: Spiritual Truths Gleaned from Staining an Enormous Deck


{This is Part 2 in a two part series on the spiritual truths which presented themselves to me in the process of staining our 2,000 square foot deck. … [Continue reading]