Porkapalooza 2014


So I left you over a month ago ordering your very own copy of Joy of Cooking from Amazon. And then I dropped off the blogging planet altogether while our family hunkered down at Casa Flamingo preparing for Porkapalooza 2014. Preparations for the big pig party take on a life of their own in … [Continue reading]

Frolicking Flamingo’s Secret Thanksgiving Ingredient Now Revealed!

Last 12 Months - 953

Last Thursday I discovered the secret ingredient to pulling off the perfect Thanksgiving meal. And it's not love. Or gratitude. Or even friends and family. Though all of those things are nice and always much more pleasant to have around the table at Thanksgiving than the alternatives of … [Continue reading]

Monday Morning Meditation: The Difference is Love

One day while Jesus was teaching in the temple courts, with a crowd of people gathered around him, the Pharisees brought a woman to him. The Pharisee … [Continue reading]

Flag Retirement Ceremony


When we left the Ocmulgee National Monument last Tuesday, we still had a few hours to kill, so we stopped at Fort Hawkins to see if it was open.  Last … [Continue reading]

A Letter from Ben and Kate’s Elf (Now on a Different Continental Shelf)


Dear Ben and Kate, I'm not sure you remember me.  I was your Elf on the Shelf.  You used to call me Elfie. Or maybe Hershey. I can't … [Continue reading]

Ceremonial Vomiting and Other Historical Items of Note


While north of Gainesville last week, we drove on up to visit with my parents in Georgia.  While they were occupied on Tuesday at the Georgia Baptist … [Continue reading]