Campbell’s Passing

Campbell Headshot

During the week of Joe's surgery, our dog Campbell was dying.  We'd had Campbell for almost 6 years, and he was 6 or 7 when we adopted him from a rescue. So he was at least 12. Sweet puppy, that Campbell.  He definitely had a good life -- he wasn't hemmed in by fences but always came home, … [Continue reading]

How Flamingo Joe Handles Surgery


Yikes.  January. New year, new challenges, same crazy. While in the midst of living last month, I thought, "I really need to post a blog about {surgery, dog, recital, play . . .}."   But because of surgery, dog, recital, and play, there was simply no time.  So you get a January post in … [Continue reading]

Porkapalooza 2015


As you know, the big pig party of 2015 took place on New Year's Eve.  Perhaps you're wondering why we throw this party every year -- people do … [Continue reading]

Porkapalooza Minus 6 and Counting


  Around Casa Flamingo, the day after Christmas means the Porkapalooza prep continues on after a half a day's break at Christmas.  We meant to … [Continue reading]

How to Productively Spend Four 1/2 Hours on a Slow-Moving River

Contemplating Stuff

The Flamingo Family and the Smith Family spent an afternoon of our North Carolina vacation on the French Broad River in Asheville.  Heidi-Ho … [Continue reading]

The Flamingos Visit Andersonville Prison and National Prisoner of War Museum


The Flamingo family spent the last two weeks on their yearly jaunt through Georgia and the Carolinas.  This year we were especially jaunty.  Instead … [Continue reading]