Safety First, Second and Third

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While in South Carolina with Durema's family, we visited a local river where the kids could float down in life jackets.  I was reminded that while there may be a reason for the saying "safety first," most of the time it's more fun if safety is second. Or maybe even third. … [Continue reading]

Meet Durema and Her Family’s New Farm

D and J Grads

When we left Black Mountain a couple of weeks ago, we drove down to Clemson, South Carolina to visit a camp/college friend of mine.  Durema and I were in the same cabin at camp together at some point in the early 80s for one or maybe two summers.  We lost touch after we left camp. Fast forward … [Continue reading]

Part 2: Spiritual Truths Gleaned from Staining an Enormous Deck


{This is Part 2 in a two part series on the spiritual truths which presented themselves to me in the process of staining our 2,000 square foot deck. … [Continue reading]

Camp Reunion and Dulcimer Shopping


We had two reasons for visiting North Carolina this summer (as if we needed even one to escape a week of July in Florida) -- first was the reunion … [Continue reading]

Things Dez Says on a Long Road Trip Cut Short


So we were on a road trip with Dez that was supposed to last until Saturday of this week.  Alas and alack, however, we had to send Dez home early with … [Continue reading]

Part 1: Spiritual Truths Gleaned from Staining an Enormous Deck


When we last spoke, the boys and I were embarking on an ambitious summer project to stain our wood deck, including all the railing, posts, and outer … [Continue reading]